5th Sense prides itself in offering the ‘whole package’ to all its clients and patients. 

Counseling and client education:

At 5th Sense we believe that any medication only accounts for 50% of the patient’s recovery.  Management and care for the pet during treatment carries equal value. That is why, on every given opportunity, we try to educate our clients about the needs and requirements of their pets.



We treat our patients with passion and with appropriate medication only when it warrants.
5th Sense prides itself in being incredibly well-equipped for surgeries and having one of the most advanced surgical units. We have gas anesthesia and multipara-monitor to help us monitor the ECG, SpO2, BP, and temperature during surgeries. This enables us to observe our patient under a closer eye during surgery. Our surgical unit is also equipped for all soft tissue, orthopedic, ophthalmic and dental surgeries.

5th Sense offers a 24-hr intensive care facility to all critically ill patients as it is crucial for these patients to be observed and monitored throughout the day.


In addition to our extensive range of surgical equipment, we also have an ultrasonic dentistry machine. This machine makes a visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible for the animal.


As promised, it is our continuing endeavour to improve our infrastructure for the betterment of our patients, we are happy to announce our new "IN PATIENT" facility at our new branch in Baner.


5th Sense is a growing enterprise and we will continue to enhance and develop our infrastructure and knowledge to the benefit of our patients.