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At 5th Sense, we not only strive to make treatment as comfortable as possible for your pets but also as educational as we can for you, as pet owners. We believe that it is equally important for you to understand what exactly is wrong with your pet and how the treatment will work. We also try to educate owners the best ways to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care at home.

Here are some basic tips on taking care of your pet :
Your pet is an “ ANIMAL ”and not a HUMAN ” so treat him/her like one.
Regular grooming and brushing will keep your pets skin healthy and free from skin problems.
Do not bathe them frequently. Bathe them approximately once in every 15 days. Make sure that there is no shampoo left on your pet’s skin at the end of the bath.
Do not use any medicated shampoos unless specified by your veterinarian.
Provide good nutrition to your pet by giving specified dog food. It is easy convenient and cheaper in the long run too.
Feed them at regular intervals and stick to the schedule. Remove the food after 30 minutes if not been eaten.
Do not feed them over your dining table or encourage the habit of begging when you are eating.
Never allow your pet in your kitchen, dining and bed rooms.
Discipline has to be inculcated in the earlier part of life; later on it is difficult to do so.
Dedicate a minimum of one hour for your pet on a daily basis, fix a daily routine and stick to it.
Regular exercise and post exercise petting and grooming will keep your pet healthy and also helps in developing a good relationship and bonding between you and your pet.
Regularly De-worm and vaccinate your pet for good health.
Refrain from self-medicating your pet, always consult your vet.